Generate my first didimo using Didimo CLI

Didimo CLI is a command-line interface to our API.

This page describes how you can generate your didimo, by using our Command Line Interface (CLI).



$ didimo --help
Usage: didimo [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Create, list and download didimos

  -c, --config TEXT  Use this configuration instead of the default one.
  -h, --help         Show this message and exit.

  account   Get account information
  config    Get or set configuration
  download  Download a didimo
  execute   Execute on-demand features on didimos
  init      Initializes configuration
  list      List didimos
  new       Create a didimo
  status    Get status of didimos
  version   Print version and exit

These are the features that are implemented at the moment:

  • Create didimos, supporting different input types, package types, versions and features
  • List didimos
  • Download didimos, supporting different package types
  • Execute on-demand features on didimos
  • Supports multiple profiles as an easy way to change between environments or even accounts


1. Install

The CLI is written in Python 3 and is distributed as package on PyPI and can be installed with pip.

pip3 install didimo-cli
2. Configure with your API Key

Create a new configuration and input your API Key. If you do not have an API Key, please refer to Register an application).

didimo init <configuration name>

After setting up the CLI, you can check your account with:

didimo account
3. Create a didimo

Now that the CLI is configured, let's create a didimo based on a photo.

didimo new photo <path to the photo>

The CLI waits for the didimo to be created and downloads the result in a zip file.

You can list your didimos with:

didimo list

For more help, check the documentation on each command with the --help option.

4. View a didimo

Your didimo will be stored on your account and available for download from the servers, which is handled automatically by the scripts in the SDK at runtime.

alt text

You can also check you didimo in the Didimo Browser or through the Customer Portal > My didimos. You can download the zip with FBX or the Unity one.

alt text

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Last updated on 2020-11-13