Generate my first didimo using Unity SDK

This is the page that describes how you can generate your didimo, by using our Unity SDK.


Step By Step

  1. In Unity, paste the API key and secret into the corresponding fields of the API Key prefab on the assets root folder.

    alt text

  2. To properly render the didimo with the best visual quality, we have developed our custom HD Scriptable Render Pipeline, which requires compatible shaders. Check your quality settings on the project settings screen and ensure you are using the Didimo Render Pipeline asset included in the SDK.

    alt text

  3. Working with our Unity SDK provides a sample scene that allows you to take a photograph or upload one and generate your didimo.

    Open and run:

    Assets > Scenes > DidimoSampleScene.scene

    Alternatively, you could use the Didimo Browser menu option of the Editor. For reference go to Using the Editor Plugin

  4. Your didimo will be stored on your account and available for download from the servers, which is handled automatically by the scripts in the SDK at runtime.

    alt text

  5. You can also check you didimo in the Didimo Browser or through the Customer Portal > My didimos. You can download the zip with FBX or the Unity one.

    alt text

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Last updated on 2020-08-25