Unity Editor

In this page, we explain how to work with our plugin for the Unity Editor which requires no programming skills to use it.

If you don't have the plugin for the Unity Editor installed you can download it for free from the Unity Asset Store before proceeding, but you are not required to do so.

Installation & Unity Package Contents

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Didimo API

Didimo API supports two kinds of authentication: HTTP sessions and API key. For this project, we will be using API key authentication method, which will require a pair of API and Secret obtained from the Customer Portal.

Editor Plugin

This is how we use the editor plugin to generate and/or import didimos directly from the Unity Editor.

Editor Plugin for the Unity Editor

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Multiple templates

This package supports multiple templates. You will be able to load didimos, play animations and change hairstyle, using different templates. You can check the didimo's metadata to view these properties and other features, such as if the model supports deformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check our FAQ page for other topics.

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Last updated on 2020-10-06