Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the data returned immediately, or do we need to check if the data is available periodically, or do we provide a URL for you to call when the data is complete?

    When you send the scan to the API, the response has a key that you can use to track the processing of that Didimo. When it finishes, you can download using the same key. You can see it working on the example with the client-newdidimo.js

  • If we run out of points in your Access Package, what error is returned by your API?

    You will get an HTTP 402 error code. See API documentation for more information.

  • Do you support stitching the Didimo with our character in realtime? For example, to avoid any visuals artifacts around the neck.

    Our pipeline supports customized templates that solve this kind of problems. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

  • What face animations you can produce/export? Or do we need to generate all facial animations from the application?

    The output model has a mesh, textures, and a rig. The pipeline does not generate animations but the Didimo output is compatible with any animations created for the template rig. There are sample animation files in this guide’s package which is compatible with our rig. All animations are shared between Didimos as they share the same template rig.

  • Can you export GLTF too?

    We currently only support FBX and JSON output formats, but will be looking to include more in the future.

  • I have uploaded a 3D scan and the output does not look or animate as expected. What is the issue?

    • Follow correct capture procedure as outlined here.
    • Follow our guidance on the animation system here.
  • I am seeing error code 403 on downloads from the S3 Can you help?

    If you see this kind of messages, the cache may be corrupt with an expired link to download content from AWS S3. We recommend clearing the cache (application data) to solve this issue.

    If you are running into issues on the editor, you can use the top menu option:

    Window > Didimo > Networking > Clear Cache

Last updated on 2020-10-06